The media has been hammering the North American population lately with the manipulated statement that electronic cigarettes are dangerous and that kids are finding themselves in critical conditions after vaping.

The issue was easy to spin for the media since vaping only is a delivery mechanism. 

The definition of vaping simply is: Inhalation of a substance via vaporization.

Let’s define every word in that sentence:

– Inhalation: To draw in by breathing (

– Substance: matter of particular or definite chemical constitution (

– Vaporization: a phase transition from the liquid phase to vapor (

From its definition, vaping can be used to inhale many substances (nicotine, THC..). The media does not differentiate between the different substances that can be vaped!

A simple analogy to this would be drinking! Drinking is the simple act of consuming liquid via oral use. Drinking water is perfectly safe, while drinking Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) can kill a human being.

A good example of the spin currently going on would be to have the media state “Drinking is dangerous!” when 5 teens died trying to get drunk with isopropyl alcohol.

The facts are slowly coming out into the news that most if not all the problems are THC related, but sadly the damage is already done!

 As we have previously stated, The Vaporist/Bargain E-Jucie does not use THC or lipids (the root cause of the problem) in any of our e-liquids!

The Vaporist Team