Many news and media outlets have been reporting people in critical conditions due to vaping. We have also been receiving many emails regarding the safety of vaping e-liquids.

While they were quick to blame vaping and electronic cigarette liquids, they are not as pronounced when the true cause of the issue is being revealed!

The FDA has released an official statement in regards to vaping THC products

Current testing results show the culprit to be illicit THC vaping products containing Vitamin E acetate!

The university of Utah has stated that 100% of the cases it had seen contained lipid-laden macrophages.

Quote from the article: “U of U Health investigators identified the lipid-laden macrophages in six out of six cases seen at University Hospital in Salt Lake City by the time of submitting the results for publication.¬†“

In simplified terms, these THC pods/liquids contained oils, which our lungs cannot process! Since the lungs cannot process them (unlike PG/VG/Nicotine), they accumlate and cause lipid pneumonia, a very critical condition which can lead to death!

If all eliquids used for vaping contained oils, these cases would have appeared 15+ years ago (Lipid Pneumonia develops rapidly when oil deposits occur in your lungs).

The cloud-chasing fad would have also caused many deaths since the amount of e-liquid consummed was 10-50x what it is today with pod system

The media, pharmaceutical companies and tobacco lobbyist have been hard at work spinning ( this into an E-cigarette problem, when the problem lies with ILLICIT THC vape cartridges/liquids!

We are extremely confident this will be used to push more restrictions / legislations / bans on vaping!

We would like to officially state that at The Vaporist / Bargain E-Juice, we do NOT use any THC or oil based products in any of our e-liquids!

If you are a THC consumer, we urge you not to consumme any THC product in a liquid state, but use the traditional smoking method!

The Vaporist Team